Ian Singleton

Citadel update

Posted in Boddd by iansingleton on August 7, 2010

I decided from 1st August to work through my scans, creating a subset of the ones that I would choose to keep if I had to come up with a list of the most mortant. Hence the name, these are the most valuable, the ones which need the greatest protection, the ones that would be retreated to the citadel in the event of an attack or a fire.

I decided that this would be a project that would take until Christmas. So I calculated that I needed to look at roughly 150 each day.

And here, a week on, I’ve now looked at 7,000 – or the first third. In a total time of just over an hour, spread through the week. At the moment, I have chosen just over a hundred scans that I would keep for posterity. Almost all are pictures, and almost all of those are pictures of my children. I wonder what that says about my life?

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