Ian Singleton


Posted in Boddd by iansingleton on August 1, 2010
It’s been nearly six months since I got the scans into iPhoto. or the first time I’ve started to run through the scans, deciding which I would keep if I had to print them all out in the event that computers no longer worked. To be honest, if that were ever to happen, I don’t think I’d have much time to spend looking at old stuff.
The question which determines the cut is this –
Which of these would my life be poorer without?
I had planned to do 150 a day which would mean that the whole thing will be complete by Christmas. In fact, I did twice that.

Again, to head off the criticism at the pass about how laborious the process is and how unwieldy the end result, out of the first 350 I would keep 11. The process took five minutes and seven seconds. Extrapolated up, that means I’ll end up with about seven hundred keepers and the whole thing will take about five and a half hours stretched over six months.

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