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First Outline…

Posted in Uncategorized by iansingleton on February 9, 2010

What I envisage is a situation where I can see a tag cloud based on the information contained in the IPTC tags of my scans. To begin with, I classified all the information by two basic types – document type and subject. These can merge together in the tag cloud. From the first time I saw one, I’ve always thought that tag clouds are a brilliantly visual way of displaying information – not what the contents of the database might be, but also what their respective weightings are.

By selecting one of the value, I should then proceed to a second level of choice, this time effectively as a subset of the first tagcloud. If I chose the invoice tag, I’d expect to see a secondary tag cloud that looked like this one, a list of all the organisations from whom I’dreceived an invoice. Equally, if I’d selected a supplier first, then I might be presented with a list of options that include “invoice”, “letter” or “brochure.

From there, I’d like to see either a thumbnail of the relevant scans – like this – or a list based on my narrative summary of each scan. Of course, there’s going to be a problem when it comes to subcategories that have large populations, where there might be several screens of thumbnails. And while the thumbnail option is great for photos and visual images, it’s not going to be of great value with, say, the pages from a contract.

For text-based documents, it’s going to be important that the user is presented with a catalogue list of the documents which the user can scroll through to find the relevant data – or indeed, to be able to scrutinize even more closely with another search in order to extract the correct file.

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