Ian Singleton

The New New Bodleian

Posted in Boddd by iansingleton on January 27, 2010

When I was a student, the most impressive library in which to go and work was The Bodleian. Across the road from the original building was a library called The New Bodleian.

The way it worked was that you would arrive in the main cataloguing room which contained huge directories of books. You’d fill in a little pink slip which contained the book’s title, author and ISBN number together with a reference number for the seat in which you would be sitting.

After a period of time – about half an hour – you’d go to the collection point nearest to your seat where, magically, the book awaited you. This was after somebody had disappeard into the stacks, invisible to the readers, below the library.

What I want to create for my paperwork is a digital version of the Bodleian. For the purpose of this exercise, it’s called Bodd.

I want to be able to see all of the document types that I have – photo, newspaper article, invoice – and also the subject matter – Eleanor, icanplayit, film-making. And the way to find those is to use the tag fields on the jpegs themselves.


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