Ian Singleton


Posted in Uncategorized by iansingleton on January 25, 2010

At the moment, the filing system that I use is incredibly unsophisticated. It looks like this. It’s an Excel sheet which records the scan number and a description. Over time, I’ve come to realise that there are common types of document – photos, letters, newspaper articles – and common subjects – my children, projects in which I’m involved, topics of interest – and I’ve written a set of Excel macros which scan every now and again I work through the longform descriptions and pull out those keywords.

This system works. After a fashion.

But there are a number of problems with it.

  1. If I want to look for a a bank statement, then I type in “Bank statement” into Find and go through them one by one.
  2. I can’t find all of the photos of my daughter in one go.
  3. The database information is separate from the images. I have to identify the scan that I’m looking for, make a note of its number, then fire up a graphics or imaging package and open the file from there. And repeat the process if I’ve chosen the wrong image….

There has to be a more elegant solution to the problem.


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