Ian Singleton

Free and traditional structures

Posted in Uncategorized by iansingleton on December 14, 2009

There’s a quote by Stewart Brand which Anderson claims this is the most important sentence of internet economy – it establishes economic link between technology and ideas.

“on the one hand information wants to be expensive, because it’s so valuable. The right informatin in the right place just changes your life. Oon the other hand, information wants to be free, because the cost of gettingit out is getting lower and lower all the time, So have these two fighting against each other.”

In the short term, the result of Free is destruction of traditional structures – the six reasons for the end of paid content

  1. Supply & Demand – supply has mushroomed but demand has not. Millions of Facebook pages all created with no expectation of pay
  2. Loss of physical form – as content moved from atoms to bits, it became intangible even abstract
  3. Ease of Access – easier to download content than it is to find it and buy it in stores
  4. Shift to ad-supported content – habits set on Web carry over into daily life. If content is free online, why shouldn’t it be free elsewhere?
  5. Computer industry wants content to be free – Apple makes money selling iPods, not music files.
  6. Generation Free – under30s have digital economics hard-wired in.

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