Ian Singleton

For The Love Of It…

Posted in Uncategorized by iansingleton on December 11, 2009

A former colleague and good friend of mine has been working with a cookery expert on a series of cooking lessons to be distributed via email. Their purpose is to increase traffic to the cookery expert’s website and increase the profile of her cookery school. Here’s what the expert wrote in an email to the producer today.

“I want to produce similar stuff… Not sure it’s necessary to get you up here to do it and edit it when there is clearly no cash return…. Can i do some of it myself is the question.

We also need to get you back here for some sessions anyway as I owe you a thankyou for the work you have done…”

Now this raises all sorts of issues for my producer. These would be of great interest philosopically – were it not for the fact that this was how the producer thought he was going to make a living…


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